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Early Bug Pokemon based on mosquitos, space, astronauts, and sci fi ray guns

I was originally going to make them influenced by spies and secret agents, but jumping down the rabbit hole of spy gadgets led me to 60's space age fashion and sci fi weapons.

Being a laser, Lumenskito has an affinity for beam attacks, so it can learn

Signal Beam - with its hidden ability, signal beam becomes even stronger than bug buzz
Bubble Beam, Aurora Beam, Charge Beam, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, and Psybeam

Early Rodent Pokemon based on members of the Squirrel family

>.> call me stupid but I had no idea that prairie dogs were squirrels... of course i knew they aren't actual dogs, but I just thought they were their own thing

Curairie is based on Cu Sith (coo-shee) a green fairy hound in Scottish and Celtic lore whose bark is a deathly omen.. and prairie rhymes with fairy :-0
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Early Bird Pokemon based on various water birds including flamingos, storks, and geese.

Even though they aren't water type, I'd imagine they still learn a few good water type moves like aqua jet, flip turn, and liquidation

Dulastork is based on the popular baby-carrying stork myth, the goose who lays golden eggs, doulas, and midwives. If I had made a region, it would be the nurse joy assistant

Storking is based on storks, birds that steal food from other animals and even people, and phantom thieves.

Updated Fakemon Designs Pt. 1

:) I revamped Empard, Pyranther and Cryolope

- empard and pyranther have black fur accents instead of gradient orange/black
- empard has black chest to match pyranther mane
- pyranther has cleaner spots and orange underside
- cryolope skull looks more natural + uneven antlers
- cryolope frosbitten fur turned into exposed bone pattern + removed rib cage
- overall cleaner linework + coloring

There are others who need updating too :D

:D another Legendary Pokemon

Based on Kelpie + Hippocampus - both mythical aquatic horse creatures... and coral :-0

:) its legendary because only 1 exists and it has mighty power over the tides, but it doesn't have any supernatural abilities or ancient lore surrounding it
its just one of those post game strong bois like the legendary birds, or latias/os or heatran
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A younger Agatha with a Gastly

:-0 She's a really interesting character but we don't get much from her other than her past friendship with Oak
Like, did she love Oak? Is that why she felt betrayed when he stopped battling?
Why does she use ghosts? Why is she so obsessed with battling?
Where is she now? Would she reconcile with Oak?

I wish we got special about her and Oak as young trainers :(

Kamigarde are often found in deserts and ancient ruins. Although there are some areas where many Kamigarde congregate, the Book that births them has never been found by archeologists.

Grass/Psychic Pokemon based on angels, the bible, and ornamental angel figures - shiny form based on cardinals of catholic church

The lowest order of angels serve as messengers and guardians from heaven to humans
Originally, I was going to make it an actual book, with pages as wings, but then I saw origami angels

:-0 I might do a Pokemon for each order of angels

Raphelios gets its energy from the Sun and doesn't have to rest as long as it is in direct sunlight.
:) Second order of angels are Archangels aka chief angels who deliver important messages. :-0 Trumpets apparently have significance in the bible and are associated with angels.
The design is also inspired by torches, hence the fire type

The name is inspired by Ra, Raphael, and Helios (Ra and Helios aren't even Christian deities, but both are Sun gods in their culture)
The design is also inspired by Michael, a warrior who supposedly wields a sword and leads the angels in the war in heaven during the end times.

Michael is the one who defeats Satan --Satan is described as a dragon :-) and dragon beats dragon so I made this Pokemon a dragon too
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Third order of angels is Principality, which command lower rank angels and watch over large institutions such as nations... you know... kind of like a prince >.>

:) Obviously heavily inspired by Carbink and Diancie, given that they supposedly live in a kingdom
It has the same BST as Carbink, but has better attacking power

Shiny form is based on the Statue of Liberty
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Fourth order of angels are the Powers, warrior angels who protect mankind from demonic beings. They guard the gates of heaven and are the angels invoked during exorcisms.

I thought it would be a little too simple to make this one a fighting type, so I went with the exorcism route and made a Pokemon based on holy water, since its a sacramental used to protect against demonic figures.
>.> I probably should have saved a holy water inspiration for the next angel order, Virtues, since they are the miracle workers, but meh

Parui is also inspired by the moon rabbit, who is said to make the elixir of life

Abundela are born and live in water, but use mystical powers to float outside of water

Fifth order of angels are Virtues. They work miracles and are the angels who bestow God's grace onto people. They also apparently are the angels who observe and maintain celestial bodies.

Loafish and Abundula are inspired by one of Jesus' most famous miracles -- when he fed thousands of people with a few loaves of bread and a few fish
I gave them the magikarp/feebas -> gyarados/milotic treatment to reinforce the miracle

Abundula is also inspired by a cornucopia -- a basket in the shape of a goat horn overflowing with fruits and flowers

Since its civilizations are no longer around, most Reglass rule the wild Pokemon in the regions they inhabit. Smarter Pokemon often rebel against the rule of Reglass, but are not strong enough to succeed and are exiled from the colony, usually left to starve or find their own food and shelter.


Sixth order of angels are Dominions. Dominions govern all the angel orders below it and empower authority figures to maintain control.

Reglass is inspired stained glass often seen in churches, as well as Themis, Greek goddess of law
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